Q) How do I get updates from the website?

A) To get the updates go to the Downloads page. Click on the link to the latest release and choose Save to disk. You must choose a place to save the file. If you are unsure of how to do this, ask the person who set up your internet connection to show you.

Once you have downloaded the file, you must run it (do this in Windows Explorer by double clicking on it). Running the program will start the Patch program. Click OK to run the patch.

Please note that you must have a full installation of PawnShop and backup your database before applying the patch.

If you are running PawnShop on a network, you need to run the patch on the computer which contains the database first and then each computer using PawnShop.

You should delete the patch file after you have finished to avoid accidentally running it again later.

Q) How do I enter a new client who has the same name as someone already on my database? When I locate the client by entering their name, the wrong one comes up instead of allowing me to enter a new one.

A) There are two options here.
Option 1: Click on the Client button to go into Locate mode. Type XX as the name and click OK. The program will say that the client does not exist and ask if you want to start a new client record. Type over the XX with the real name and save as normal.
Option 2: Instead of clicking the Clients button, click the File menu and then New and then Client to force the program into new client mode.

Q) How do I cancel a consignment?

A) You should right mouse click on the item and select Cancel Consignment. Do not use Return to Owner as this marks the goods as stolen and returned to their original owner. A message is displayed to remind you of this when you choose Return to Owner.

Q) How do I enter items that I buy from a company (eg auction houses)?

A) To enter items bought from a company, you should add a client record for the company and tick the Organisation box. You don’t need ID for the company record. The add another record with the details of the person you deal with from the company. Choose the organisation from the list in the Org. field and you will be asked if you want to copy the address from the company record. All items should be entered under the person’s record rather than the company’s. The NSW police will reject records entered under an organisation record.

Q) My computer has stopped printing receipts.

A) This usually occurs when you have custom layouts. If this is the case, go to the Preferences screen and click on the Receipts tab. Check that the Custom Layout option is selected.

Q) Can I connect a barcode scanner to my computer to use with Pawnshop?

A) Pawnshop allows you to use a scanner to read barcodes into the program and to save the details of that item. You can then scan the same barcode in the future, and the details from the first instance can be re-used. However, it doesn’t use purchased lists of barcode data to look items up that you haven’t already used before.

Q) On my network slave computer, I keep getting the message “This is an unregistered…”. What is happening and how do I fix it?

A) This message appears because the slave computer is looking at its own C: drive for the PawnShop database whereas it should be looking at the master computer.
There are several reasons this may happen. If you log on to the slave computer (ie Windows login) using a new logon and start PawnShop, it will be treated as a brand new version. This is because Windows keeps information about each user separately. If this is what has happened, you can either set up the network information again or log out and back in again as the normal user.
If the network connection has been lost, you will also get this messsage as the slave will not be able to open the database on the server. To fix this problem, you will need to reconnect the network drive again before restarting PawnShop.
Please read the manual section on Running PawnShop on a Network for more information.